Type 1 Diabetes Testimonial

Personal Testimony on health improvement for long-term diabetic – 8/14/14

syringeMy name is Elaine Vitito and I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1970 at age 29.  I must take insulin subcutaneously and currently wear an insulin pump.  For at least 20 years, I have been taking a high quality brand of nutritional supplements that I know have helped me stay quite healthy.  However, diabetic complications have still developed: Bleeding in my eyes; neuropathy from my feet up to my knees; Gastro-intestinal issues; Under-active thyroid function, and frequent stress fractures in my feet.  I also experienced cramps in my toes, feet, and legs.

I began the Youngevity  “90 for Life” program on May 1, 2014, after having just completed my routine 3 month blood profile for my Endocrinologist.  I told my doctor that I was starting this new nutritional program and wanted him to document my progress.  This was my way of testing whether these Youngevity products were really going to work for me.

The first few days after starting, I got out of bed and noticed that I could feel my night gown on my legs.  It had been years since that had happened.  Another improvement I noticed was my forearms were free from bruises.  For several years, anytime I bumped my arms, large blood marks would appear.  Along with those great results, I also had more energy and just “felt better”!

After 3 months, I had my blood work completed again and anxiously waited to hear what my doctor had to say.  My blood sugar level (A1-C) had lowered from 7.8 to 7.5 (the doctor wants me at 6.9).  My kidney function was in the normal range.  My thyroid numbers had moved to the lowest end of the normal range and the Dr. said if it keeps coming down, he would have to lower my daily dose.  All of my cholesterol numbers were great.

Then the doctor checked my neuropathy.  He could hardly believe what he was seeing!  My numb feet now only have a few “dead” spots on the bottoms.  I have most of my feeling back in my legs!  I now rarely get pain in my feet and do not get any cramps in my muscles!  The doctor and I were very surprised at this major improvement!

Many have been asking me to tell them exactly what I am taking, and I don’t mind sharing, but I am NOT a medical expert and can’t tell people what they need to take.  Everyone needs to research and test these things on their own and judge for themselves how the products help their particular situation.

I started with the Pollen Burst as my introduction to the YGY products.  Then, I began taking the Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0  along with Ultimate Selenium, Ultimate Gluco Gel, Memory FX, Vision FX, Ultimate OPC-T, Cardio FX, Ultimate Cal, Ultimate Enzymes, and Flora FX.  I have just now started taking Sweet Eze and don’t yet have results for that.  Because I have had Type 1 Diabetes for so many years, there are lots of different areas in my body that need attention.  As a Youngevity Distributor, I enjoy the privilege of buying these products at wholesale.  I can’t put a price on how much better I feel!  I’m sure I have added many productive years to my life!

I am still an insulin dependent diabetic.  I still must continue exercising, eating right, and getting my sleep.  My hope is that I have inspired you with my story, so you can have a better life, too!