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Dead Doctors Don't Lie

Here’s the truth: you’ve been lied to.

Many diseases plaguing Americans today — diseases we’re told are genetic and therefore unavoidable — these diseases are actually preventable.
Even curable.

These diseases are linked to

Diabetes | Arthritis | Cancer | Birth Defects | Fibromyalgia | Brain Aneurisms | Osteoporosis | Heart Disease | Alzheimer’s | ADD/ADHD | High Blood Pressure | On and on

Here’s the good news: Fix the deficiency — Fix the problem.

Ready to hear the best of Dr. Wallach’s famous lecture “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”? It is the most famous health lecture of all time, and it has sold over 250 million copies worldwide.

Choose Your Track Below.

Track 1: Veterinary Health Care

Track 2: America’s Longevity
Track 3: Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie
Track 4: Age Beating Centurions
Track 5: Salt and High Blood Pressure
Track 6: Cholesterol and Heart Disease
Track 7: Arthritis & Osteoporosis
Track 8: Early Warning Signs
Track 9: Copper & Aneurysms
Track 10: Athletes
Track 11: Calcium & Hypertension
Track 12: Essential Nutrients
Track 13: Joint Injuries
Track 14: Athletes
Track 15: Arthritis
Track 16: Bone Spurs/Osteoporosis
Track 17: Cancer
Track 18: Diabetes
Track 19: Alzheimer’s/Cholesterol
Track 20: ADD/ADHD
Track 21: Pregnancy/Birth Defects
Track 22: Asthma/Allergies
Track 23: Safety of Supplements
Track 24: Fibromyalgia
Track 25: Infant Formulas

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